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The Vision 

Let's start with this simple thought, “Everyone has a voice but not everyone has an audience.”   

Robert Kennedy, said, ““Hand in hand with freedom of speech goes the power to be heard.”  

At MichWi we are convinced that people desperately need to be heard.  We may want feedback or not.  We may want dialog or not.  But sometimes personal interaction is just outside of our reach.

Your Audiences bridges the gap between the Voice and the Audience. 

A Your Audiences session is a live 45 minute interaction over video conferencing.  

You Are The Voice

Your visit is designed to encourage a personal interaction between two human beings.  You determine the level of involvement you want from the Audience.  If you want to test out a speech or presentation the Audience will listen and give feedback if requested.  If you desire to have a cup of coffee and pleasant conversation the Audience will be fully present.  You are in full control of the session! 


At MichWi we honor your privacy.  Your conversation with our members is considered sacred space.  However the Audience session is an opt in conversation.  There are no client / patient confidentiality privileges that apply as one would receive from a lawyer, priest, physician or counselor.

The Audience  
The role of the Audience is to be 100% present and engaged for the session.  The Audience provides a safe and comfortable environment for the Voice to express itself.  The Audience does not attempt to guide or direct the Voice