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This is a book about some big ideas that have been rattling around in my head.  For a few years I have been consumed with the fruit attached to two tall trees of Identity and Destiny.  In the movie Star Trek the Motion Picture, the entity Veger returns to the Earth seeking answers from its creator to some deep questions.  “Is this all that I am?  Is there nothing more?”  In recent years, these have been on my mind too.  Because I think better when I write it appears that I have once again stumbled into another book that I had no intention of crafting.  I hope that you enjoy the reading as much as I have the writing.

In my book, Insanity Defenses – Escaping the Madness of Faith, the central question I explored was “How can you know why you believe what you believe?”  How can you get your mind, body, heart, and spirit on the same page with your faith?  This book’s primary focus is “What is your salvation actually for?”  What is the purpose of salvation and what should be the response to it from those who claim God’s gift of redemption?

Michael has just finished the first full draft of his new book.  It is currently titled "Pergamum's Promise" and is expected to be available in Spring 2018.  Michael is currently seeking for support in the final creation of this book.  If you would like to assist with providing feedback on the manuscript please contact us.  You shall be rewarded. 


There are answers to the riddles of the earth but they are not what you might think they are and you might not like the answers when you find them.  In the story “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” this question was asked to a massive computer, “What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?”  After one million years, the computer’s answer was “Forty-two.”  The people were disappointed and confused.  However, the computer claimed that the reason no one understood the answer was that they did not fully understand the question.  I have found similar frustrations with my ongoing quest to find these deep answers to life.  But perhaps that is not such a bad thing because life is zestier when there are hard problems to solve.  

It is, however, imperative that you avoid becoming a Mad Hatter in the process of finding answers to these hard questions.  It is quite possible to get lost in a maze of twisty passages of different opinions, facts, and beliefs which can shake your hold on reality.  Being driven insane does not always mean you are ready to be committed to some institution or a regimen of exotic pharmaceutical products.  There are degrees of madness, but whenever you accept a reality which does not exist, this is, by any definition, a measure of insanity. 

For example, it is my position that the universe we know of is only a segment of the totality of existence and a small one at that.  I believe that to ignore or deny the possibility of this truth is a mindset which conflicts with reality.  This is my opinion based totally on my worldview, and I admit that not everyone holds this same perspective.  Does this mean those other views are in any way less real to others than my worldview is to me?  Absolutely not, but they are, in my judgment, fundamentally flawed and promote insanity.   But every view from a man into the eternal is flawed, including the Christian’s, so we are all in good company with each other. 

Let’s play a little game. Suppose you were to encounter a man on a street corner who, except for wearing an ornate bicorn hat, was nude.  Let us imagine this odd man was proclaiming loudly, in a horrid French accent, to be Napoleon Bonaparte.  Let us also suppose that the man is utterly convincing and we unquestionably believe he is earnest in his assertion to be Napoleon. 

I do not believe anyone could reasonably discount the possibility that he had lost his grip on reality just a tad.  His unnatural or unbalanced state would be obvious to everyone who was observing him.  What might the observers suggest happen to this man?  Well at some point I would hope they would find a way to remove him from the public square and be placed into the care of people who could help him.  He was, after all, frightening the children and giving Grandmother disturbing fantasies.

Let’s take a step further.  Now suppose that this man was not alone but was only one of a dozen people all exhibiting the same behaviors.  Does this augmentation of the number of people alter your assumptions at all?  Does this scenario open your mind to the possibility that different effects are taking place that are affecting those men?  Could they be experiencing something environmental?  Could some form of chemical reaction be taking place?  Perhaps some form of mass hysteria was happening?  Conceivably there could be some form of a conspiracy or prank taking place.  Of course, those ideas spin up in our imaginations. We are now looking beyond the behavior of a single man and into wider or deeper systemic possibilities.

And a step further.  Let us now extend this from a dozen men to millions of men, women, and children who are not just claiming to be Napoleon Bonaparte but all manner of different things.  Some claim to be a tomato plant, some a werewolf or vampire and some even proclaim to be Jesus Christ.  At what number of people do we need to reach in this matrix before a new question comes to your mind; Am I the crazy one?

You may argue that I am talking nonsense, but let me counter with this suggestion.  If the vast majority of humans in the world are confused about their design and has no clue into their destiny, then we must conclude that those same people may be functioning as something that they are not.  They believe themselves to be something that they may not be at all.  Tell me how this is any different than a belief that they are a Napoleon Bonaparte? 

Henry David Thoreau wrote, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”  I believe this statement is true, but I need to ask a question. Is desperation very far removed from insanity or are they kindred?  How often have you had the thought the life you are living is not the one you should be?  Do you ask these questions, “Is this all there is?  Is there nothing more?”  Is the answer that you desire “This is all there is kid! I hope you enjoy the ride!” or something else entirely?  I believe that the answer we want to hear is this, “No this is not all there is.  Not even a tiny little bit!”  But then we are still left with the question “How do I gain that greater life?” while the life we are living now fights against our desires.

There are disappointments we experience in life.  We often have challenges we do not enjoy or expect.  Things happen to us that we feel are not just or deserved.  We see others achieve triumphs which slip away from us.  Those events are the ugly side of life but not what I am talking about here.  Those are events that happen while you are living the life you have.  I am talking about a deeper question.  If at the very core of your being, deep down in your knower, is this nagging suspicion that the life you are living is not what it should be where does this idea originate? 

These questions are not limited to the humble or unfortunate. However you want to classify those groupings.  Depression and anxiety are not reserved for the impoverished or oppressed.  Suicide, addictions, and self-destructiveness are honest brokers, not respecting any class, race, creed, tribe, or sex above another.  Pain and misery come to us all and so too do these plaguing doubts about our existence. The most important thing to do however is not to allow those sufferings to quench the quest for truth or snatch your mind and sanity away from you.