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About the book
There has been no experience I have had, thus far, which has been as frustrating, daunting, and raw- teeth and nails- hard as being a Christian.” This is the story of my journey from desperation and devastation to one of joy and blessing.  It is a cautionary tale for today’s Christian seeking authenticity in their faith. I have my starting point based on the fact that knowing why you believe what you believe requires faith and reason.

I examine foundational, biblical truths; philosophical arguments; evidence of the supernatural; and practical, everyday applications in order to understand who God is and what the response must be to that understanding.  I have found that to escape “the madness of faith”, where the paradoxes of God contradict logic and personal experience, you must strive to bring your mind, heart, and soul into alignment with God’s purposes. Moving into a spirit fed relationship with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit changes everything.

Teaser 1
It happens with impossible silence. The magic of morning rises as the blanket of night descends. Dawn comes with assurances earned from eons of experience. In deference to cosmic laws, beyond our reason, forces of unimaginable power weave infinitesimally tiny objects of galaxies, planets and stars into a tapestry of wonder. Not one thing is out of place or out of control. No rogues or revolutionaries are permitted here. It is a creation in motion and of motion, swirling around an inestimable space. Collisions or near misses are never random happenstance. Everything that is in movement is a slave to a compass enjoying the freedom of a universe. Energy and time are congealing with gravity and mass, producing horrendous consequences. Stars are forming or collapsing, each with power beyond our measure. But still they are no more effective than a plow in the ocean —- mere blips of energy. They are barely of notice, hardly remarkable at all to the whole, as they cascade around us with an endless tide of energy.

And then there is us, caught in the maelstrom of the universe. Thrusting around a burning star, and twirling on a delicate axis in a thimble of space with busy neighbors. Each orbiter feeds off of and affects the other in their cosmic dance. Brutal waves of radiance slam against the, oh-so-thin, layer of clear smoke above the earth. A tiny moon reaches out to caress the earth’s oceans, pulling them forward and thrusting them back endlessly, tirelessly, relentlessly. Heat from heaven is falling and deep furnaces from below are rising. Compressions and contractions from titans of earth are elbowing for room and vibrating with unreleased tension. Mountains of earth are rising or falling, oblivious to the consequences, altering far distant horizons, and re-sculpturing the foundations of the deep.

All of this is happening at once, sleepless and restless. It is happening at this very moment.

And yet the dawn comes without a whisper, quieter than a cat’s paws on rich velvet. The wind rising from the trees of the valley deep below, that is running through my hair, I sense. The call of birds, I hear. The cold damp of sweat from my shirt against my skin, I feel. The vision of a haze of light over the distant horizon is drawing brighter, and yet I feel it not. Even knowing exactly when it will come and reaching out with all that I know, all that I am, is futile. I am trying to catch smoke in a butterfly net. It seems wrong, like something is broken inside of me, severed from by some form of pitiless surgery or butchery. The universe is observed only by my failing eyes and crippled mind. I am a starving man gorging at a banquet. I am dying of thirst while under the crushing cascade of a waterfall.

Teaser 3
The question I put on the table was: “Is the Bible reliable?” It is an absolutely reasonable question to ask especially because that book has been the most prolific and contested codex known to man. It has been translated into more languages and pseudo-languages than any other. It has been used to form communities as small as a home to as large as nations. It is spoken of millions of times a day, and countless volumes of scholarly works are based on it. Entertainment mediums from movies to literature and music have made use of it. Wars have been fought over its teachings, atrocities committed because of it along with acts of supreme sacrificial love. It is by far the most used, and abused, set of words known to man, so having some way to measure its veracity in order to either toss it out as wild fiction or use it as foundational truth, would be helpful.

There should no middle ground here. Either it is a true document or a fantasy.

If the Bible is flawed in the proposition of being a perfected inspired work from a perfect divine God, a lot of people are going to have to find some other way to earn a living beyond pulling money out of the pockets of fools. If, however, the Bible can stand up to the challenges which that have been raised against it, well then a lot of other people are going to have some hard choices to make. If there is a chance that the Bible is true, that God exists and His foretelling of Heaven and Hell are waiting for us, then life takes on a whole new meaning indeed.

Teaser 2
There are a host of objections to the possible existence of the just, loving, and all powerful God of which Christianity is based upon. These are big rocks that stand in the way for anyone to reach a state of acceptance of Christ. Stay in any gathering of non-Christians and endure the arguments long enough, and you will nearly always find the conversation  reach the same point of contention which is the problem of suffering.

If there is a single aspect of living that is universal to mankind, it has to be that we all suffer.  I am using the word suffering in two ways right now. First, as a broad description of the overall experience of life and in the constant struggle required to maintain it. The second is as a marker for a segment of time where those experiences are profoundly extreme, pushing us to the limits of our endurance, tolerance, survival or sanity.

In the wider application of suffering, it is clear that this is not a universe well suited to life in general. It really is quite a hazardous place for living things. On our own little world it seems like everything is designed to hurt or kill us. Gravity slams us to the ground, and weather and and the raw eco system can snuff us out in an instant. Our own bodies fight constant battles of cellular decay and mutation along with viruses and bacteria that, if gone left unchecked, destroys. Nature is zealous in attacking our bodies from insects, deadly plants, and animals of all kinds. Take a stroll into the back county of some wilderness or jungle sometime and discover just how much suffering is available for the taking.